How to Deal with Parental Anxiety

How to Deal with Parental Anxiety

It is entirely natural for parents to worry about their children. However, if your anxiety has reached the point of your worries becoming unrealistic, you end up affecting both yourself and your child. Severe parental anxiety can cause fearfulness in your child, which will impact their curiosity and development. Below are three things you can do to help ease your parental anxiety.

  1. Practice Slow Breathing

Learn a few slow breathing techniques to use whenever your anxiety is reaching an unmanageable level. Take a few steps back and try to look at the situation with a clear head and ask yourself if the fear is indeed justifiable. Teach these breathing techniques to your child as well, especially if your stress has already begun to impact them.

  1. Work to Eliminate Legitimate Risks

Do what you can to eliminate any risks to your child that you can control. If you have a pool, for example, make sure it is fenced with a self-closing and lockable gate. By eliminating the most catastrophic hazards, you can reduce your chance of being overwhelmed by all of the potential dangers.

  1. Hire a Family Therapist

If your anxiety is coming from a deeper seeded issue and is beginning to impact your entire family, look to Dr. Gerson for help. Dr. Gerson provides family therapy in Westchester County, NY, and will help you improve your relationship and work through any past or present issues you are dealing with.

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