Rebuilding Trust After A Fight

Rebuilding Trust After A Fight

Regardless of what the disagreement is about, it can be difficult to get back to where you were with a partner after a fight. Whether it was something either one of your said or a behavior that was particularly hurtful, regaining trust, stability and communication after an argument can be done with some work from both partners. Here are some ways in which you both can rebuild your trust and strengthen your relationship after a fight:

Work on forgiving yourself first – It does not matter if you were to blame in the situation or not, forgiving yourself first will help to strengthen your bond with your partner. Regardless of what has happened, stop any negative inner monologue you may have in relation to the scenario. Whether it is not blaming yourself for their actions or not beating yourself up over something hurtful you said, rebuilding your relationship together starts with self-compassion first.

Trust your abilities to move past the fight – Another way to work on rebuilding trust with your partner after a disagreement is to have confidence in getting past the issue. Having self-doubt and negative thoughts about yourself and your capability to move forward in your relationship can stop you before you have even started to rebuild. Instead of wasting time thinking about how you might not be able to move forward in a loving way with your partner, think about the opportunity to build a stronger relationship together. By putting trust in yourself above all, you are proving that you can be stronger than the negative thoughts and work together to form a better, healthier partnership.

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