Family Therapy

Improve Your Relationships With Your Family Members By Resolving Conflicts Together

While the people you love can cause you a great deal of pain, you can ultimately move beyond that and choose to love them for who they are. From your parents and siblings to your kids and all of the folks you see at holiday gatherings, the people who share your history can also be the best at making you feel miserable. You will not always see things the same way as your relatives when it comes to politics, raising your children, or even your favorite movie. Being a parent comes with a never-ending barrage of new situations that you are expected to handle, and you can expect on a great deal of conflict if you are lucky enough to be raising a teenager.

Fortunately, all of this is natural. The good news is that you can remove the pain and frustration from your interactions with loved ones. My name is John Gerson, Ph.D., and with my family therapy in Westchester County, NY, you will be able to learn new ways to keep your cool, get along with disagreeable family members, and even resolve long-term disagreements. Who knows, you may also learn how to have fun together and finally become friends.

Building a Solid Foundation through Family Counseling

Coping well with family dynamics is best achieved when you have a positive foundation of self-esteem. When you and I work together, we will explore any evident and hidden issues in therapy to help you take away the power that has made you miserable. In every type of family interaction, the critical factors to success are understanding your unique differences, taking care of your own needs, and communicating clearly. During your family counseling sessions with me, we will work on specific skills in each of these areas to help you stay calm and confident, no matter what your family may toss your way.

Repair Your Relationships with Proven Counseling Solutions

When your family is in turmoil—even if it is only for a few days—a few visits to my family counseling center can help you remain calm in the storm. I am here for you to offer support, listen, and help you devise approaches that help you survive a family crisis. You do not need to sign on for years of family counseling in Westchester County, NY, to get the help you need. If your family members do not come with you, then we can still get a lot accomplished together and collaborate to help you over the hump. In the process, you will gain valuable skills you can apply the next time tensions flare.

Heal Your Wounds Instead of Hiding Them

For deep-running issues or long-term problems, we can work together to determine the cause of tensions and help you develop ways to manage each interaction successfully. As your family therapist, I will discuss ways to soften the impact on others. We will usually uncover some hidden wounds that are preventing you from being your best with your family. Let us heal them so that you can move on to better days. Consider the following examples:

  • If you have a child with an illness or disability, then you will need to establish techniques to care for the child’s needs while making sure that your other kids are not unduly affected.
  • If you have a parent who is an alcoholic, then you can set boundaries to take care of your emotional health, and you can use the same ones to protect your children and siblings.
  • If you are getting divorced, then we can devise ways to help lessen the impact on your kids (and everyone else in your family).

Ease the Tension of Family Alcoholism with a Family Psychologist

Living with a partner or parent who drinks too much is enormously stressful. Each of you is probably suffering feelings of shame, self-doubt, neglect, isolation, and fury. The partner or parent who is the active drinker is usually aware of the damage that he is inflicting on himself, as well as on the nondrinker and the rest of the family. Because alcoholism is a disease and not a moral failing, the drinking continues, drowning out some—but not all—of the bad feelings. Meanwhile, the stress to the family continues, and the resources to repair damage become smaller. The family structure gets shaky, talking becomes more infrequent, and feelings of abandonment and neglect increase.

Learn How to Deal with a Loved One’s Drinking Problem

In wealthy families, the stresses may not appear as apparent since money provides a distraction from pain. For many families, alcoholism is generations old, which means that drinking is considered normal and accepted. One of my clients recently told me that both of his brothers, upon hearing that he was making an effort to abstain, said, “You’re a quitter?” There may also be other social pressures to continue drinking, especially for those involved in a business culture where drinking is commonplace.

Nondrinking family members learn to take up the slack and over-function, which depletes their enthusiasm for living as the support and love they need may rarely be offered. This can lead to a downward spiral, resulting in personal and business failure, and even a rupture of your marriage. When you find yourself involved in such a scenario, please talk to me. After beginning with a couples session, we can see where we are and where to go next. Personal counseling, alongside couples therapy with a family psychologist, is often the right ticket to recovery and growth.